Since 2005 Marine Design International has built a solid reputation for developing innovative, practical and cost effective solutions.


naval architects and marine consultants

MDI are experienced naval architects who specialise in creating practical and efficient vessels. Through our custom design process we strive to produce a vessel which is cost effective, robust and fit for purpose. Our staff have extensive knowledge and experience in stability investigation and analysis to meet regulatory requirements or improve your vessels motion.

Based in the historic shipbuilding power house of Glasgow, we pride ourselves on the ability to tailor our services to best match clients needs and provide innovative design which reflects and builds on our proud heritage.

MDI Napier (successors to Napier Company (Arbroath) and McCaig Watson Ltd were incorporated into MDI in 2005 and we have continued the values of these long standing organisations as well as protecting their extensive design libraries.

We are keen to discuss your ideas and requirements, our expert knowledge can increase profitability, efficiency and performance for your vessel. To hear our thoughts please make contact.