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Marine Consultancy

Marine Consultancy

Our comprehensive Naval Architecture service greatly benefits our owner and vessel manager clients. Our design work ensures we are working daily with the latest construction techniques, operational regulations, regulatory bodies and Flag authorities. All MDI Naval Architects undertake continued professional development and contribute actively in the marine industry.

On-site, our surveys are carried out with care and attention detail, be it a condition survey, structural or stability analysis, the highly detailed work at the vessel is what ensures the best results to be produced back at the office. Often the end result of our work is submission to a governing body or classification society. You will find all our Naval Architects easy to deal with, logical and always happy to discuss ideas. It is these qualities combined with the standard of our work which maintains our good relationship with the societies and bodies we work with and therefore to efficiently complete your project.



Stability calculation and problem solving is a particular expertise of MDI with detailed analyses carried out on fishing vessels, offshore supply vessels, lifting barges, passenger vessels and workboats.

We will maximise your vessels capacity whilst remaining safe and within regulatory criteria. If required we can investigate how her characteristics can be improved to either increase capacity or improve her motion.

For marine contractors we offer a rolling consultancy service. Once we have your vessel details the effects of particular loads, machinery or lifting operations can be checked immediately to allow you to make decisions on the correct  vessel for the job and quickly sign off an operation as safe to perform.

There are multiple criteria for vessel use or flag state regulations and we are able to advise you on requirements  for your area and type of operation.

Naval Architecture Consultancy

Specification/Contract Writing – Specifications and contract terms will be written based on our extensively tested clauses and format

Project Management – Attention to detail ensures build or repair work goes to plan and budget

CAD Drafting and Modeling – Many CAD systems are maintained at MDI to provide drawings in any format you require, hard copy or computerised paper drawings.

System design and specification – Review or design your ship systems to comply with regulations

Structural Calculation – Global or local for your own requirements or for submission to class

Tonnage measurement/calculation – from drawings or vessel measurement we can provide a calculation of vessel tonnage and the effects of alterations to your vessel.

Resistance and Propulsion – Computer analysis of hull form and predicted powering, comparative studies and recommendation.

Sea keeping analysis – Computer modelling of hydrodynamic motions in a seaway to provide estimated accelerations for health and safety regulations or vessel/equipment loading.

Build or Retrospective Classification – A difficult process with a small vessel, our experience can help identify and solve potential issues and we can advise on approved methods and suppliers.


We supply a wide variety of survey services to the commercial marine market. Our team are constantly updated in the latest regulations and practices: knowledge which improves the value of our surveys.

Our ultrasonic surveys can be carried out without removing paint: a significant saving in time and cost. Basic vessel lines can be measured in a traditional manner but generally we employ laser scanning techniques to significantly reduce the time and minimise interference with other contractors carrying out work on the hull while in dock. Vessels up to 70m in dock with clear working space can have their lines lifted in one day, larger vessels would require 2 days.

  • Vessel condition survey
  • Pre-purchase inspection
  • New-build supervision
  • Ultrasonic thickness
  • Lightship/draught surveys
  • Inclining experiments
  • Lift Lines, structure or arrangement
  • Insurance
  • Damage