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14m Mussel and Cockle Boats

14m Mussel and Cockle Boats

Tuesday, 28 April 2009 / Posted in Our Designs for Inspiration /

A multi-purpose fishing vessel, combining suction dredging for cockles, beam trawling for shrimp and conventional dredging for mussels, within the tight draught restrictions of the Thames Estuary, this boat meets the requirements of Seafish and MCA for under 15m fishing vessels, and combines fishing methods by using interchangeable deck sections with differing hatch and coaming sizes. A wide selection of deck gear is accommodated by the large working deck. The hullform combines very large load capacity with optimum performance, and is ideal for demanding roles in restricted draught areas.

A necessity of increased stability and more freeboard is a larger vessel so designing within the length and breadth limits of the Thames licence offeres a challenge to keep the capacity up to that of older designs. Taking out the option of going deeper due to the tidal restrictions blocks another route and it can't be a box as the quickest vessel gets to the best grounds. These challenges are what make our design life interesting and the results so much more rewarding.