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16.5m Trawler Build Signed

16.5m Trawler Build Signed

Thursday, 2 April 2020 / Posted in

The concept draws on inspiration from our archive MDI Napier fishing vessels with more efficient hull shapes, combined with the higher capacity and regulatory requirements a modern fishing vessel. She is 16.46m registered length and 19.7 overall. Capacity is 570 boxes in a hold well centered in the vessel for optimum trim through the loading range. The design ethos has consistently been to improve efficiency while maintaining capacity as far as possible. 

The engine room is forward allowing more gentle aft lines and good flow to the propeller in a high efficiency nozzle followed by triple rudders to reduce steering drag.

Various hulls were run in CFD software with some extreme concepts tried to ensure we were making progress ahead of generally accepted principals. The hull shape was also optimised for form stability in order to reduce ballast and therefore displacement and fuel Consumption.

The technical capability has had some distinctive and attractive styling added resulting in a useful and desirable vessel for the sector.