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COP26 Achievements and Targets For Marine Emissions

COP26 Achievements and Targets For Marine Emissions

Monday, 29 November 2021 / Posted in Naval Architecture / Alternative Propulsion Solutions / Green Shipping /

Glasgow hosted the COP26 summit at the start of November 2021 at a critical time for climate change action if the Paris Agreement is to be maintained and goals acheived. There was enormous publicity and focus on the need for change, the climate emergency we face and the urgency to take action. To get anywhere near the aims defined in Paris all nations, industries and the population as a whole have to act and the sooner the better. MDI collated some information on the marine industry and shipping targets and ambitions from COP26 for consideration over the next year. One point that was agreed is that policies need to change earlier than 2025 so governments will return with their new policies by the end of 2022. Designers and Engineers will be key to developing solutions in all sectors and challenge is what we like.

MDI Summary of Cop26 for Shipping Targets

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