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Under 24m Hopper Dredger

Under 24m Hopper Dredger

Wednesday, 3 May 2017 / Posted in Our Designs for Inspiration /

Now working at her home port of Bridlington, the “Gypsey Race” was designed to replace the previous dredger of the same name. The new vessel reduces running costs and staff costs, improves flexibility and capability around tight harbours. Launched on 15th February 2017, she has been designed to keep the design spirit of a real boat while incorporating the large hold, bottom doors and excavator. She is to be a vessel to which the people of Bridlington can be proud and form an affection for in the same way as the previous vessel scrapped in 2010.

Her capacity is around 115 cubic meters and a dreading depth of 7m all in an under 24m registered length. Her delivery trip gave a cruising speed of 8.5 knots down the East Coast and she handled the weather well. Once in operation her unparalleled manoeuvrability makes her a pleasure for the crew who can take satisfaction from handling her around the tight harbour and among the pontoons.

MDI had experience working on several dredgers previously giving familiarity with the relevant regulations and characteristics of loading this type of vessel. The owners had a clear vision of what was required based on many years operating their own dredger. This collaboration along with the yard’s engineering input resulted in a very successful design which is useful, cost effective and sturdy. The design is already being developed for other arrangements and purposes developed from a now proven concept.

We have some photos here but search the web for some great photos of her on trials in Rothesay Bay, her delivery trip and early days in Bridlington.

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